"Black Friday" Disney Discounts?

Hello! My family is taking a trip to Disney right at the end of November/early December, and I’m wondering if anyone has any input on whether Disney ever offers any Black Friday discounts that we might want to look out for right before our trip.

Specifically, I’m wondering if something like Memory Maker might go on further sale, or if resorts ever offer anything, or if park merchandise goes on a flash sale or anything.

I know I might be being optimistic but I figured it was worth asking! Thanks!

The only one I recall seeing is Disney Springs doing some Black Friday promotions last year which is effectively normal “Shopping Mall” Black Friday type festivities. The Touring Plans blog had a write-up last year here: http://blog.touringplans.com/2016/11/28/black-friday-at-disney-springs/

I’ve never seen anything for the parks/vacation type stuff, but I haven’t exactly been looking or at WDW for Black Friday proper either…

Some stores may put a discount on everything and you may be able to pick up discounted Disney gift cards. I recall Target selling their gift cards at 10% off the first Sunday in Dec. You could use them to purchase Disney gift cards in stores.