BJs Wholesale Free Online Membership Through July (Disney GCs discount)

BJs is currently offering online memberships (usually $10) for free through July 31 (membership expires on 7/31).

They have Disney GCs available online for 4% off ($500 gc is $479.99) . If you pay using a credit card that has a greater than 1% cash back offer, it’ll save you more than the 5% redcard target discount.

**edited to add expiry date, which I just found


Thanks for the great tip!

I just did this and my account says that it will automatically renew 7/2020, so it looks like the free membership is actually good for a full year!

I just checked my membership and saw the same thing, although I don’t recall agreeing to automatic renewal. I used the chat feature to ask if I could have it removed and apparently you cannot remove it from an online-only account, you have to cancel the membership completely. So if you don’t want to be charged next year, set a calendar reminder to cancel before 7/1/2020 (the date the agent told me it would renew and charge my card).

Kinda irks me that they add that without telling you in an obvious way that it will happen. So I’m very glad you mentioned that here as I never would have known until they charged my card next year!


This is fairly common practice, and exactly why they are offering the membership for free. They know that a good percentage of those free members will not bother cancelling and they will have them as members going forward.

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Anyone know if this is a good deal? Meaning, should I bite today or is it likely I’ll be able to get the gift cards at a better discount in the near future?


The answer is: it depends. It’s generally difficult to get the gift cards for less than a 5% discount unless you stack discount methods.

For example, there are several people on the boards who stack the sam’s club discount, which is around 3%, with a cashback offer via an app plus bonus cashback with their credit card. However, you have to know when the app has the offer, and when the credit card has the bonus offer, and when they coincide to get the maximum discount. Oh, and a Sam’s membership.

The simplest discount is through a Target redcard, which comes as a credit card or debit card. It’s a straight 5% discount.

I feel like this BJs discount is pretty straightforward, you just need to use a credit card that has 2% or greater cashback for BJs purchases to bump it up over Target’s discount. That’s about as complicated as I’m willing to get seeking discounted GCs.

If you search the forums for gift cards, a bunch of threads regarding the more complicated deals should pop up.

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Thanks, i had an account that would have renewed in oct. i just created my husband an account for free! I did see this under the submit button

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Is this a physical gift card?

Stlouie yes they will mail you physical gift cards

Well, at least they do say they’ll notify you…then again, it also says you can change the settings online (you can’t) so I’m still keeping my calendar notification for next June! lol

Can I use my actual (brick and mortar) store membership for this?

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Yes you can use your regular membership to shop online, you just have to create an account. The Disney gift cards in store are usually discounted the same % as online, too (unless there’s a special online promo).

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Before I decided to go back to WDW this year Bj’s had a coupon in their sales flyer for $20 off. Had I know I was going back and had a membership still I would have jumped on it. Now I have a membership again and I’m always looking for that coupon.

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