Bitter sweet

Well today was FPP day… Got to say, what is usually a day of excitement and joy was a much different. With the dark cloud of a possible cancelation or postponement, it was very difficult to find the motivation to finalize my plan last night and to execute the plan today.

On the bright side, we got everything we wanted. Most of them at desired times and none at what I would call disappointing times.

The biggest adjustment I had to make was made last night after I look at FPP availability on Dibb. BTMR is just coming off refurb for our dates and it looks like FPP is limited as even at 60+6 the best was last afternoon. I saw that last night and changed my plans for this ride.

Anyone else struggling making plans for trips they think will get canceled?


My FPP day was Sunday for our Memorial Day trip but I held off…wanted to be able to return our hard tickets to UCT if we cannot go. Although I read today in another thread that they will take returns even if tickets have been linked and FPP scheduled. Maybe I’ll rethink it. I really don’t know if a May trip is viable at this point.

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Yep. We have our FPs for our trip in May and I haven’t touched much of anything since my FP day. Just checked on what to do if I need to move our trip. If we don’t get a cancellation by later in April, I’ll be doing ADR day for our back up trip in October.

I had been tweaking and thinking about my TPs for my October trip almost every day since we book last November. Now I haven’t looked at my TPs in a month. We have ADR day coming up and it isn’t exciting like it usually is.

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Just rescheduled my trip for October, but who knows. Will it even happen? Hard to get excited. If I didn’t have airfare tied up in this trip… would be a different story!