Birthday Vs. Short Park Day? (No Park Hopper)

DS4 will turn 5 on Weds of our first trip ever. Going to MVMCP on Thurs. We’ll need a short park day and then nap before MVMCP. So, between AK & HS, which one should be his full birthday park day and which should be the short park day to prep for MVMCP? I’m thinking AK for full/birthday, because he likes animals & Nemo & whatnot, but I’ve never been, so I thought I would ask. (MK not a birthday option, b/c he’s autistic, & crowd level too high there on his birthday.)

I would suggest AK for his birthday since he likes animals. There are two quiet walks, one where he will see African animals, and one where he will see tigers. The Safari is super great,( and I have lived in Africa and been on real safaris). He will probably love the Conservation Station, too; it has animals to pet and a vet clinic to watch.
Plenty of places in AK that are quiet and away from other people, and still very interesting. and lots of fun stuff if he is interested in doing them.
Have wonderful trip.

I would suggest AK for the above mentioned reasons UNLESS he is really into Star Wars - JTA on his birthday might be really cool.

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My autistic son has always preferred ak to HS. We found very little at HS he liked, other than tsmm.