Birthday Trip - Adults Only give me ALLLLL the advice

Hi! My husband and I are planning an adults only trip for our 35th and 40th birthdays (both occur within 3 weeks of each other). This will also technically be our DVC ‘welcome home’ trip but we bought resale so it means nada.

Give me all your tips, we’ve never done the World without kiddos. Where should we stay (DVC Resorts) and what should we do?


I guess I should say so far my list includes:
Cali Grill if brunch is back
Oga’s Cantina
ROTR - Hubby hasn’t rode yet
Split a Kitchen Sink
City Works at DS???

Also we are going to have at least 1 newbie with us so I want to make sure she feels the magic.

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Wowsers. Where to start? All I can suggest is checking out our 25th anniversary trip report to see what we did:

Similarly, @Tall_Paul1 did a couples-only trip with his wife around the same time:

I’m sure there are others you can look at as well!

Aside from that, specific questions?


The new agave experience in Epcot? It’s has gotten great reviews!


Oh. So this isn’t a couples trip?

Well you know my contribution.


But seriously, anything you’ve ever wanted to do and have said, “Oh but we can’t with the kids.”

Do those things. All of them.


Nope, we are going to have a group of 4-6 adults. At least 1 of my sisters will be traveling and staying with us and then we’ll meet 1-2 couples there. These are the couples that introduced us to disney 4 years ago so they know it well.

Those trip plans are great starts, I will read them soon.

You have a solo TR in here somewhere that made me dream of solo Disney time because it was just so awesome… or am I imagining that?

HA, exactly. I need to think on that. We’ve traveled with the couples to disney repeatedly but the group is normally 6 adults and 7 kids so this will be a totally different experience.

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When is this trip gonna be? If it’s far enough away that After Hours comes back, I highly recommend for both the romance of an empty park and the magic of many rides for your friend.

End of May!

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What a fun time to visit! But i’d be surprised if After Hours are back by then, sadly.

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Which one? I went last January (2020), and January 2018 solo. DH and I went together a couple of times just us (most recently in Feb 2019)

Jan 2020. I remember reading it while planning last year’s March trip and incorporating lots of your likes. Consequently, AK is my husband’s favorite park, he now likes disney, and only agreed to our upcoming trip because I told him we would stay at AKL and get hoppers so we could go to AK anytime he wanted :rofl:

Here you go:

The In-Between

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That one was especially good because I got to eat at places that DH wouldn’t usually enjoy too since I was solo.

Although our two couples trips were pretty magnificent. We need another one of those. Sept 2015, Feb 2019

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On our adult only trip in October 2020 DW and I tried to slow down and pay attention to more festivals rather than chasing kids. Ha. We really enjoyed the Animation Experience at AK, eating/drinking around the world at Epcot, and watching shows at different countries in Epcot. The one thing we made sure to do on the trip was be up early and be at rope drop since we did not have to get kids ready. We managed to be the first people in Epcot and HS. Without kids it was easier to sit, eat, look around, and just talk on the trip.

Haha! That is the one thing we made sure NOT to do!


I normally force rope drop but I’ve already conceded that. It’d be easier if we weren’t on central time but that just adds another level to it.