Birthday surprise for my DH?

DH, DD7, and I are staying at POR in a Royal Room next week, and one of those days is DH’s 34th birthday. He does not expect anything special since we are going to UOR and Disney to celebrate, but I would like to at least decorate a little or something. I refuse to spend money on those Disney floral baskets, but is it okay to hang a Happy Birthday sign on the window or something?

Any ideas are welcome!

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If you were going to order groceries from Publix or wherever, you could probably have them deliver a cake from the grocery store bakery. Those are usually reasonably priced. And absolutely bring a few decorations from home and hang a birthday sign.

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If you are an Amazon Prime member, it looks like prime now has cake options for their ultra-quick delivery service that run $20-$25.

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How do you get something delivered to your resort?

Here’s an older site about prime now delivery. Some of the pricing info may be outdated, but the rest looks accurate to me.


I used Instacart, which I believe then comes from Publix. They deliver to the bell station at your hotel, then you pick it up from there.

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Absolutely decorate! And make sure he wears a birthday button and he may get some pixie dust throughout the trip.