Birthday for Toddler at WDW

Based on crowd projections we ended up booking this year during my son’s birthday. He’s turning 3 so we knew he wouldn’t need much birthday excitement in the way of a party at home with friends… so we booked disney.

Anyway, we’ve planned our whole week long disney trip, ADR’s made, FP+ made and now I’m thinking about how I haven’t planned anything special during the trip for his birthday.

I know he can get a birthday celebration button and I planned to visit Erin McKenna’s in Disney Springs to get him a special gluten free birthday cupcake. I’ve got a present we are going to wrap and have him open on the trip… I know we can mention his birthday at table service meals for possible recognition. Unfortunately, we didn’t think to note the birthday at the time of our trip or meal reservation booking :frowning: We are going to plan on trying to get a photo with Darth Vader.

What else is a must for a 2 yr old boy’s disney birthday trip?

I think they have a thing where they dress little boys up as pirates…I cant remember what it is called.
You could also get a cool birthday shirt for him to wear that day.

Pirates League!!! That’s what its called!

A trip to WDW isn’t enough in and of itself? Kids at that age (and even older) can spend hours at the fountains and be happy as anything. To be honest (and I have been there) anything to make it “more special” is really for the parent’s entertainment as compared to the child’s.

My suggestion is just to make him the focus. If he wants to play in the fountain, let him play (and play with him). If he wants to ride Winnie the Pooh 5 times - ride it. But how much “special” can really be added (and is necessary). Don’t stress over making it extra special - spend the time to make it a lifelong memory.

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In addition to getting the button, you can call Disney and mention the birthday as an occasion for your trip, and it will be associated with your reservation and tickets. Some CM at restaurants and FPP rides might say happy birthday to him when you check in, because it will pop on on their screens.

I would pack a few decorations and put them up while he sleeps. Other than that the pin will attract a lot of attention.

If you call you can have it added to your reaervation and all of your adrs

My daughter turned 3 at WDW. We brought some birthday candles with us, and put them in a Mickey Rice Krispy Treat. She loved it! I think 3 is too young to need to do a lot of extra stuff. The whole trip is a birthday present!

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