Birthday Celebration Trip - DD8 and DD6

We are going to WDW in May to celebrate our DDs’ birthdays. DD8 will turn 9 toward the end of our trip, and DD6’s birthday is in late June. This trip is in place of a birthday party for them, so we are definitely celebrating both of their birthday’s while we are there, but since DD8’s birthday is actually during the time we are there, I thought she might deserve a little more attention. Would you suggest that both of the girls wear their Happy BDay Buttons the whole trip, or have DD8 wear her’s on her actual bday and then pick another day for DD6 to wear hers so they get some special attention?

If it were me, since the trip is in place of both of the kids’ birthday parties, I would let both kids wear the bday buttons the entire trip. But every family/child is different so it’s hard to make a call like this for someone else’s family.

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I’d say the actual day for DD8 and pick a different day for DD6. But I’m not a fan of wearing the buttons the whole trip. I think it makes it less special.

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Thanks @davej and @missoverexcited for the suggestions! Yes, I am just asking what you would do if you were in my shoes. I know everybody has their way of doing things.

What are some of your pixie dust stories from your children’s birthday celebrations at WDW? Since I have two DDs celebrating birthdays (and they aren’t twins) would they get any less attention throughout the week verses wearing the button one day?

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To be honest, we never wear buttons for any reason. Everyone is wearing one. I’d say the best way to get attention would be to note it at ADRs.


Look at it this way you paid $$$ get your moneys worth. If you are doing a TS on DD’s 8 BD let them know it is her BD that day.
My BD is in May and DW is in July our trip is in June, our 20th anniversary was in October but this is our anniversary present so we will be rocking pins.

DD4 and I have birthdays 2 days apart, and went right after our birthdays, and both wore our buttons for most of the trip. Since you probably aren’t going to the same exact places everyday, it’s not like people will judge you for “wearing out” your button. (And really anyone who would can go jump in a lake.)

We got balloons for our room (you have to go to the check in desk for buttons and they give you a balloon then), a cupcake and signed card at Chef Mickey, a scoop of ice cream at Rainforest Cafe, and lots of birthday wishes from cast members and other guests. Not anything big but we also didn’t push it too much (not my style to demand free things). I say go for it and let your girls both feel the love for as long as they want to wear their buttons! Realistically, a button might get lost before the “assigned day” if you went that route so I personally would just let my kids decide when they want to wear them.

Personally, I’d have DD8 wear a button on her actual bday and DD6 wear one on the second to last day (assuming that’s not DD8s bday) of the trip. I think that my kids would appreciate it more if it was only one day of special treatment. If the whole trip was all about getting birthday wishes and special attention, by the end they’d come to expect it. This is based on their level of appreciation for other special things that we do - we go to the local children’s museum every Friday afternoon and they take it in stride, but when we go to the movie theater (which is rare for us) they get much more worked up, for example.

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Funny we’re going for DHs 40th birthday. He’s never been. DD4 is getting upset that we’re going for his and not here. She wants to go for here. Here is in August- not going to happen. I’m thinking we need to subtle with the celebrations even though this is a big deal.

Or you can tell her that she can have a WDW trip on her birthday when she turns 40, too :wink:

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Good idea!

If it were me, I would have the BD girl wear hers on her birthday, and the other one wear hers on a day after that. That way they can both have a special day.

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