Birthday Acknowledgement at Polynesian advice

A young couple that I know is going down for the very first time at the end of May into June - they are staying at Poly due to a great travel agent, but are on a very limited budget and can’t afford a couples massage etc - they plan to celebrate his 25th birthday at the resort and skip the park that particular day. They are doing the Luau dinner. She is looking to surprise him with something special, but not looking to spend much. If she notifies the concierge or hostess at the Luau, do you think that it will be acknowledged with something by Disney? Any other thoughts and thanks for your responses.

One suggestion is to order the room service from Ohana, although maybe better for another night if they’re doing the Luau.

She should definitely get him a birthday button and make him wear it all day. There may or may not be some pixie dust from a CM. Would their budget stretch to a cabana at the pool for the afternoon?

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Thanks for the advice and I will be sure to pass it along.