Bippity Boppity Boutique

Hi! I think my daughter would really love BBB. I didn’t book it 180 days out (we’re almost 6o days out) and there are times available - but not early morning. I don’t want to get and it be a waste. And I don’t know that I’m convincing her NOT to go in the pool in August. Thoughts? How long does the style last without getting it wet?


If it doesn’t get wet it should be good all day. DD still had hers the next day.

My daughter had an afternoon BBB appointment at Disney Springs, and it was the highlight of that particular trip for her! We had dinner at Akershus that night and also met Anna and Elsa afterwards. Her hairstyle still looked great the next day for our breakfast at CRT.

Highlight of my daughters trip!

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We did a 3:50 appt after an afternoon break at pool, and had plenty of time for pictures and a couple of rides in magic kingdom before 5:50 dinner Cinderella’s happily ever after dinner reservation at Grand Floridian , although we were there last week of April, worked well for us to do before dinner

Thanks everyone! I made a 3:40 reservation and figured we’d do early pool, 3:00 parade, BBB, BOG for dinner and then Pirates Fireworks Cruise. It will be our last day so she’ll have her hairstyle for the ride home. Oh the agony of “Disney Decision Making”.


Without getting it wet it can last for DAYS.

Mine could not stay out of the water and it still looked the same!

Sounds like a good plan! DD (4 years) went a couple weeks ago and LOVED it. It was her favorite part of the trip. She actually only kept it in for about 6 hours happily, though, and then asked to have it taken out as it was hurting her head. (My hairstyling skills end at ponytails and regular braids, so she’s not used to bobby pins and hair spray.) Your DD may want it out anyways by the time you’re done with your evening activities, so you may actually be better off doing it later in the day.

Your plan sounds great. It is very similar to our timing when we did BBB for our DGD. We toured the park in the morning, took a pool break, then back to the park for BBB. When we booked, part of the instructions were to come with clean hair. That would have been impossible if we had been in the parks for several hours.

That reminds me - when I booked, the reservation folks said that I needed to bring a comb, a brush, and hairspray with me. It turns out that none of those were required. In fact, the BBB folks said that they were required to use their own products, so they couldn’t have used the hairspray. They did briefly use the brush that I brought since it was there, but it was superfluous.

Also, one of the things the reservation folks told me was to come with a clean face free of products. I wasn’t about to let DD run around in the FL sun with no sunblock at all, so I used my powder foundation (which has an SPF) on her. Fortunately DD and I have similar complexions. All the BBB did was to add some blush, eye shadow, and lip color so it worked out well.

I didn’t worry about any of that. Not sure if hair was washed the night before. We definitely put on sunscreen that morning. Just don’t come with make up or nail polish on.

We did BBB for my then 6 YO daughters and then had dinner at CRT. It takes about 30 minutes, but I would have some time built in just in case they are running late. It can last quite a while, but my daughters wanted it gone that night. They loved it when they did it and felt very special. Needless to say, it was the highlight of MY trip.


We were done in under 30 and they weren’t running late but the often do. And my DD picked the diva style which is the simplest. I’d budget 90 minutes just inc ase they run late and tour DD picks a more complex style.

I’m excited to hear all these positive stories about afternoond BBB reservations! :slight_smile: I, too, didn’t book at 180 days out because I was waffling on it… and ended up with an afternoon spot. Hearing that the afternoon timeframe works well is a relief! I’m hoping my daughter will really enjoy the pampering and that it will be a special memory for the last day of our trip. Also–I LOVE the functionality of being able to book BBB online now. I was able to check every day until I got the afternoon time I wanted–took about a week total, but not too bad, considering.

Well I loved our 12:55 appointment time and would book around then again. I know it could have been a fluke and will still expect a wait next time but most people who recommend booking in the AM can’t be liners. I can’t imagine giving up valuable low wait times in the AM to do BBB. Plus it gives an afternoon break when lines are longer and it’s hot.


No kidding! That’s the same reason I never do TS breakfasts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Question, though, for those who did afternoon reservations–did you wash your daughter’s hair beforehand? How strict is that rule? I don’t relish the idea of running back to the hotel to do a midday shower.

Don’t think you need to do that. I think it might mean they can’t have head lice. We washed my daughters hair the night before and had our time at around 3:30. Our meal at CRT was at 5:40 just in case they were running late, so we rode the carousel and watched Mickey’s Philharmagic in between.

I don’t think that’s necessary. We washed our daughter’s hair the night before.

I don’t even know if we washed it the night before. I didn’t even know that was the recommendation. When you get formal up-do’s as an adult they actually want you to wash the night before.

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