Biperti Boppeti Whatsit

Hi all, We’ve going at the same time as some friends. They are staying onsite, and we are offsite. Firstly, does BBB do group bookings anyway, they have 5 children - can they be done at the same time? Second, can they use their onsite status to book our child in at the same time?

Thanks all!

No idea about group bookings, but I do know that like ADRs, anyone can book BBB 180 days out. Don’t know if there’s the +10 day advantage, haven’t heard about it if there is.

Yes there is a +10 advantage for onsite. It’s a big place so they should be able to book multiple littles at the same time. You need to be on the phone ASAP when the window opens for the best time for that many children. I think they could book your child too although I have not done that personally.