Bike racks?

We’ll be staying at the Dolphin, so we plan on walking to HS and Epcot during our upcoming trip. However walking an extra mile to/from the parks with a 7 and 5 year old has the potential to be super maddening. I was thinking if we let them bring their scooters it would make the trip so much smoother, but I have no idea if there’s a bike rack at the entrance to HS or the international gateway at Epcot where we could lock them up for the day.

Do they fold? Maybe you could rent a locker.

Good suggestion, but do you know if the lockers are inside the park? I doubt they’d let them inside.

It’s not a huge problem, was just a thought.

I don’t believe there are bike racks. Generally speaking, there really isn’t a lot of ways for folks to bike between parks or between resorts and parks and I think they wouldn’t be used much and that they wouldn’t want to encourage it.

The lockers are inside the park. I’m betting you’re right that scooters wouldn’t get through the entrance. They would probably take them and tag them for you to pick up when you left.

I think they don’t want to encourage it because the areas where you could actually ride a bike are limited, the epcot resorts + HS being one of them. But even there many of the paths are narrow and shared with pedestrians, so bikes could be challenging. Same for bike parking outside parks. Obviously a few bikes or scoots here and there wouldn’t be a problem, but I can kind of see why they don’t want to deal with it.

I agree that for the use you mentioned, they’d be useful, but the problem comes with storing them / getting them inside to put them in a locker

Yeah, it’s understandable. Hopefully the boys will be motivated enough on their way to the parks and we can always grab a ride on a boat on the way back. Thanks for all the suggestions!