Big problems with MDE

Is anyone else having major issues with MDE? I leave tomorrow and I went in to look at all of my reservations and everything and just found that the fastpass reservations are all messed up!! Some people were taken off some days and added onto others. It’s so bizarre. I’m the planner of my group so I know no one else went on. I’m so upset, I don’t understand how this could be happening!

Is this the app? Did you look on the website to see if it is different?

It is on both. I just checked. I was actually looking at the website when I noticed. I have no idea when it changed but we had a lot of problems booking fps too, mde was messed up all day and we had to call to make sure we were all getting the same thing–so I know it used to be right.

Did you try logging out, then opening an incognito browser window and logging in again?

I have a friend this happened to last week. They sorted it out but had no explanation as to why it happened.

Ugh. MDE. Mine is such a mess. Too many plans, too many friends and too many trips booked. :woman_facepalming:t3:

My kids’ annual passes randomly reassign themselves to other people.

I had a hotel reservation once for someone I don’t know on dates I’m not there. (And it wasn’t even a friend of a friend!)

I find deleting and reinstalling helps. I also have better luck on the website from a PC VS my MacBook. Forget looking on my iPad.

Good luck!! Give it a day or two and it should sort itself out.

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It is a nightmare of a site!!! Even after 2 calls to MDE support, they can’t fix my problems and say “check again next week, maybe it will go away”.

Oh man. I’m so sorry!!

I have had so many problems with MDE… Does anyone know what the issue is? Is it a bad system or do they have problems with the amount of people using it? Disney does so many things well I always wonder why their website and apps are so poor in quality.

It’s a bad system. There’s a guy who posts on chat who claims to work for Disney IT, and if he is to be believed, there is no overarching system in place - he says up to 20 different teams have input into each web page and none of them work the same way or use the same (not sure if this is the right word) coding.

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Yikes - that’s hard to believe in the sense that a company the size of DIS who is so dependent on that system would allow it to be developed ad hoc, but would explain the behavior. The good news is there would be a theoretical solution in that they get their act together and place some overarching guidance on MDE. That would be expensive, but not doing it would seemingly be far more expensive…

I don’t claim that it’s true! It seems impossible to me. But that’s what he says.

I’m having tons of MDE problems, too now. Previous two trips had nary an issue but suddenly in the last month I’ve had nothing but headaches- can’t book dining reservations, then booked two by accident that overlap at the same restaurant! Both show in MDE still even though calling customer service I heard that only one is active. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and looked it up on incognito windows, to no avail. I also upgraded my package from the QS Dining plan to regular dining plan and MDE still shows QS Dining, except when I click to change it, then I can see it’s the regular plan. Such a pain!

I believe it based on how horrible the website is arranged with broken links ect. I always thought it was due to capacity problems but they can’t have more web traffic than for example which is the same company.

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As an update, we were able to get the fastpasses sorted out by guest services when we were there. No explanation why it happened but they were totally understanding and it was an easy process… it was one of the longest lines I had to wait in, though!

My 60+3 day which I was able to get 10:30 am is a morning with EMM at TSL so maybe that helped. Not sure.