Big Pine Key DVC Rooms - Resort Studios - Theme Park View room numbers

Is there an accurate room number map of the Theme Park view Resort Studio rooms in the Big Pine Key building?

The room finder tool here on Touringplans seems a little mixed up. For instance if you click on room 9147 in the room finder tool (Northern most Theme Park view on the first floor) - the images that show up clearly show the southern most room - and the tool only lets you navigate to the left from this room (so only let’s you “move” north). This same “mirrored switch up” seems to be happing for all the floors in this view on the tool.

I’m trying to figure out if the room numbers are correct (and the image are just incorrectly mapped), or if the image are associated with the correct room numbers and it’s the room number map that is wrong (i.e. is room 9147 really the northern most room, or the southern most room?)

It appears the three southernmost rooms on each floor of the Theme Park view rooms have their view partially obstructed by a couple of tress - so I would like to avoid those rooms for an upcoming trip… but it’s not clear to me what room numbers go with what rooms.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I’d really appreciate it.

I was wondering the same thing.