Big Pine Key DVC Rooms - Lagoon room?

Hi! I have rented DVC Points for the Grand Floridian Resort Studio with a lagoon view. These rooms are in the Big Pine Key building which do not include the turret rooms, which is what I initially wanted to request. Touring Plans currently does not have any room information for the refurbishment of Big Pine Key, so I was hoping someone here could help.

There’s no option to even look at the views from the Big Pine Key building with the old rooms. Can anyone recommend a room with a balcony and great view of the lagoon? TIA!

Edit: Apparently due to security reasons, specific room numbers can no longer be requested (makes perfect sense). I ended up just requesting a room with a higher floor instead!

I can tell you when we stayed in the Big Pine Key building before the conversion, we were around room 9107ish, don’t recall exactly. The view of the lagoon was really nice and we had a good view of the EWP every night. And that probably wasn’t the best view; I’d imagine anything along the sides of the building that face the water would be good.

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Thank you!! It’s good to know there are likely no bad views.

Haven’t stayed in that building, but we had lake view villa facing that building and magic kingdom. I think you are looking at Polynesian resort across the water and the back side of the electric water parade. Enjoy!

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