Big Mistake

I have just booked my Disney holiday for 2019 and when I have checked it I have booked it wrong by one day if I call them will I be able to amend it or will there be a charged for this mistake :weary: It’s a room at Animal Kingdom with dining plan and Disney ticket but no flight

There is a change fee of £50 but I bet they’d waive it since you’ve only just booked.

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When I booked my throwaway room, I decided to change the date by a week, thinking I’d get a whole extra week of early FPPs. So I called them back and asked if they’d change it. I said I’d made a horrible mistake.

They were super friendly about it and waived the fee.

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Thanks for quick response I will try and call them in the morning if not I will stick to Thursday for flying day :weary: The only reason I want to change this is because I was advised to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday because flights are cheaper that’s what you get for not checking the calander :sob:

I booked my 2019 holiday as soon as free dining came out. I chose an arrival date of Thursday because it seemed like flights were cheaper. But then I’m travelling transatlantic. Don’t know what your situation is. I figured Thursday’s cheaper because it suggests a weekend stay and that precludes business travellers.

That being said, when it comes time to book the flight, if I see a flight that’s noticeably cheaper with an earlier arrival day, I’m just going to fly out early and spend a few days at Universal.

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Mmmmm maybe I have just been monitoring sky scanner for this August flying with virgin premium economy and it just looks like Tuesday and Wednesday seem a little cheaper maybe I will stick with Thursday save all the hassle :+1:

I’m going in June. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

But, as I say, if it’s a huge difference, maybe fly early, stay in a cheap hotel and explore Orlando!

You can modify you days with no fee I did no problem but I’m in the US, don’t know if that makes a difference.

It makes a massive difference. UK terms and conditions are very different to US.

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How do you know they are from the UK? I can’t tell.:thinking: