Big Decisions are Hard to Make

My youngest and last baby is about to turn 2 :sob: I have chosen “Oh Twodles” as the theme for her party. But I can’t decide whether to go with a red or pink color scheme. Red is classic Minnie. But everything at Minnie’s Bowtique is pink. Thoughts?

Also, I’m open to other theme ideas. I love planning a party almost as much as I love planning a Disney trip!


My corporate colour palette is red, white and black. (Which, by happy coincidence, is the same as Father Christmas. And, erm, the Nazi party.)

Except I do use pink, too.

My point? Do both. Pink and red to great together.

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Two = red and pink


I say do a mix of both too. You can’t go wrong with Minnie in either color.

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Y’all give me too much credit. I don’t have any artistic/creative talent. It Etsy doesn’t make it, I certainly can’t. And everything on Etsy is either red or pink, no mixing.

I’m making progress, I have decided that if I go with pink, it must be bright pink. And black and white are the other two main colors. A lot of schemes are light pink, white, and gold. I can handle gold as an accent, but it can’t be one of the main colors.

I’m leaning toward red.

Do you have links to your choices? That might help us.

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This link I think shows a good smattering of the schemes that are available.

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Ooooh yeah I like the black/red/white twodles stuff. The pink and gold is more princess than Minnie to me.

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Can you reach out to an etsy seller and ask for a red with pink and black?


Some of those color schemes are awful and don’t remind me of a toddler birthday at all.

Good thing we don’t have any internet to speak of or I might be down another rabbit hole. :unamused:


Twodles was Disney’s attempt to steal the idea of Backpack from Dora the Explorer…so the solution is obvious. Switch to Dora the Explorer as a theme.

Thanks. You can pay me my finders fee later.



Agreed. And while I am very much a princess, I don’t like it for this at all.

I think I’m going red. As I said above, I’m just not talented enough to figure out how to use both red and pink in a cohesive way.

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Idk what decorations you’re planning to use. Balloons? streamers?

What’s close to you? Dollar general? Target. Michael’s?

Get pink balloons and red balloons.

Get some sort of streamers or rolls of crepe, or banners. In red. And in pink.

Stick 'em up. Two year olds don’t care! Just the more the merrier.

Cut out mouse ears out of black construction paper.

If your bunch is anything like the ones here over the years, you put the black paper, balloons and crepe on the table and say we need a Minnie themed party decorations.

Stand back.

If you make your own cake, make a red velvet cake with pink icing and minnie ears all over it.


eta: if two sizes of balloons are available get larger red and smaller red as well as same in pink. Make some larger red balloons have pink ears and some larger pink balloons have red ears.

The more balloons you have the fewer words needed.


I’ll probably get something like this for the balloons:

Plus some free floating ones.

Maybe something like this for the cake:

The banners, centerpieces, cupcake toppers, welcome signs, etc. will come from Etsy. I don’t do a whole lot of streamers usually. Though I do like the droppy twirly things from Party City, and I already have them in every color of the rainbow and then some! :rofl:

I may try to figure out how to recreate these in red because :heart_eyes::


Wow that Arch thing from Amazon is a heckuva buy!

With a device to inflate the balloons!

That cake is gorgeous!

Gonna have to look more at those lanterns.


Looks like you wrap the foam tape on the wire frames. If you can find red foam tape. Or an approximation.

Can the bows be pink polka dots?

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We’ve got a Cricut, so we can cut out red bows.

You’re set!

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Red food coloring makes for VERY bitter frosting. Do not recommend.


That cake is adorable!

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