Big block of free time?

Thanks in advance for this community. You guys are great for us neophytes!

My touring plan that I call MK Day 2 has a large block of free time in the middle of the day. It is 213 minutes! We are planning to do the MNSSHP party that night and the TP keeps putting character meets during that time when FPP are not usable. I try to move those to the day and use FPPs but it keeps moving them back. At this point it’s telling me I only have to use 1 FFP on that day! So:

  1. Why the large block of free time and
  2. Why won’t it allow me to move the meet and greets to the middle of the day to burn some of that free time?

Thanks again!

The issue here is that you do not have enough attractions in your plan to fill up the day, hence the big gap. The Optimizer will put attractions at times when the lines are shortest, avoiding the busy afternoon block.

There are several possible solutions here:

  • Add more attractions.
  • Put an end time on this plan before the party starts and make a separate plan for the things that you want to do during the party.
  • Put attractions in the order that you want and then click on Evaluate.

The TP is trying to give you the shortest waits so it is putting some of you attractions later in the day when waits would go down. Try changing the “hours” up in the heading saying you are leaving at 6:00pm optimize and see what happens. You could also insert a “rest” from say 7pm to 9 pm and see what that does