Several members of our group would like to go to Biergarten for dinner, but we also have a vegetarian in the group. Are there decent alternatives available?

There were lots of salads. Not sure other than that.

It’s mostly potatoes and cabbage side dishes + salads.

I love that place, but I don’t think it’s great for vegetarians. On the one hand, they’d have plenty of choices, but they’d all be side dishes.

Imagine going to Thanksgiving dinner as a vegetarian, where the host didn’t make an alternative to turkey for you. You’d pile up your plate with yams and green beans and such, but would it really feel “complete”?

Leaves more room for dessert!

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Last I knew, they do have vegan (vegetarian) meat subs, you just have to make a special request when you arrive and speak to the chef. I am a vegetarian and have been planning to eat there so I am hoping this is still the case.

I read somewhere that there is now or soon going to be “meatless” options…I’d call…

There was just a blog post about it.


Thank you, all. This is helpful. We’ll have to explore what the buffet options actually are.

As someone whose specialty is German cooking I can say that “traditional” German food and vegetarian food are about as far on the opposite ends of the spectrum as you can get. German food is all about roasts, chops, and wursts. The standard start for most hot side dishes is “sauté a chopped onion and half a pound of bacon in a stick of butter” - then add your sauerkraut, red cabbage, potatoes, green beans, etc. At least this is what I learned form my mother who was of Bavarian/Schwartzwald stock.

Although most of the food I’ve had at BG is the best German food that I’ve had recently that I didn’t cook myself, it is WDW, and so they are pressured into offering dishes for vegetarians and even vegans (and if you’re vegan, don’t even bother). You can make most of the side dishes vegetarian and you can get plant-based psuedo-wursts. But you’re not going to get sauerbraten or smoked pork chops, or baked trout from meat substitutes.

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