Biergarten Worth It?

OK we are going to Disney world arriving on the April 28. We will be staying on a Disney property for 5 days and off property for the last 3 days there so we weren’t able to purchase a dining plan for the entire stay. So we have reservations at the Biergarten in Epcot our last day there. It’s a little pricey but I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on if it’s worth it? It’s for me my husband my teenager and a little girl who is 9.

DS11 loved it, and it’s his only request for next year’s trip when he will be 14. If you think you’ll enjoy the entertainment, and eat plenty at the buffet, I say yes.

It is one of our favorites and a fairly good value for the buffet. Lots of good German food available at the buffet so if you enjoy traditional German food, you should like it. The band is a lot of fun and often has things where kids can come out as part of the show. The one caveat is it is often a shared table experience where your party of 3 would be seated at a larger table of 8 to 10. Generally not a big deal and it can be fun if you’re outgoing and get interesting table-mates, but could be off-putting if you’re looking for an intimate experience with just your family. We were at a small table by ourselves once IIRC…

We ate one time there and weren’t impressed. It was my family of 4 (two teenagers) and my parents. I have german relatives so not a novice to traditional german food, but I found that I didn’t like most of the offerings and filled myself on bread. I felt that the buffet had fewer options too, especially for a not so adventurous teenage eater. But I will say that it may have been an off day for the restaurant and I never shut something down until I give it a second try which I will do one day. If you are eating in WS at Epcot, I would probably recommend the restaurants in Italy (the pizza is beyond good)…

It’s one of my favorite restaurants in all of WDW. My mother was first generation German-American, so I grew up on a lot of “German” food. I have gone on to make German cooking one of my specialties (I have written, but not yet published, a German cookbook). BG is the closest to the German food that I grew up on and now make than any other German restaurant I’ve been to. The atmosphere is great and the entertainment is a lot of fun. And of course, the beer.


I have to agree that Biergarten is definitely worth it! It is one of our must-do’s almost every trip. Also, in terms of value, the price is actually very reasonable for a buffet considering you also get the entertainment.

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And if you go for lunch (it’s cheaper and has 90% of the items on the more expensive dinner buffet) you may not need even dinner…


This is exactly what I was going to add. Last time we went, I opted for dinner for the promised sauerbraten…but it was no where to be found!

So, save a few bucks and go for the lunch. I think that can be as late as 3:30 or so.

Just make sure to book lunch sometime in the 12:30 and later range because the Musikanten don’t come on until 1:15!

I usually do lunch, but one time I did the dinner for this very reason. It was there, but it was the one item I’ve ever eaten at BG that was disappointing. It wasn’t “bad”, but like with many cuisines, there can be considerable regional varieties in how dishes are prepared. Sauerbraten is one that varies greatly in preparation in the north and south. I grew up on the southern variety that thickens the gravy with gingersnaps, which gives the gravy a sweet/sour flavor. BG serves the northern variety where the gravy is thickened with flour or cornstarch, so no sweet or ginger aspect. As I said, it wasn’t bad, just not the way I prefer it.

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We went for dinner on 5/12 and it was one of the highlights of the day for us! Loved the theming, loved the food, loved the music, loved the beers! A really nice dinner :slight_smile: