Biergarten - what time?

Hello! We are a group of ten going to WDW the last week of Feb 2020. From what I can see the Epcot fireworks are every night. We are hoping to get a reservation at the German Biergarten restaurant. What would be the ideal time to get to still have time to view the fireworks afterwards?

Give yourself about an hour to eat. It’s a buffet, so even with 10 people dining it won’t take as long as other Table Service meals. Plus, the band starts the show at the top of each hour.

Last time we went with kids, they wanted to dance a lot, so the meal took us quite a while. Also, the buffet is so awesome that we went back a few times, more dessert, beer refills, etc. We took probably longer than our share of time at our table. My advice would be not to rush it. Go with an early supper around 5-5:30, and have time to wander after. Also, you may want to get your spot for the fireworks about 45 minutes before it starts (remember to look for a spot upwind to avoid smoke blocking your view, and make sure you can see the floating barges in the lagoon from your spot).

Is this still going to be there after Illuminations stops and Epcot Forever starts? I thought they were clearing out the lagoon?

I think OP was mostly looking for a time fame / average duration of the meal. IMHO one hour should do it with 10 people. I’ve done it in much less time than that with 3 - 4 people and still saw the show. Biergarten is one of those places you can “hang out” as long as you really want, It’s not like other TS places, like Hoop Dee Doo Revue, where you need to leave once the show is done. =)

So true. If you love the atmosphere, you can stay a long time. Otherwise, you can eat quickly and get out. As far as the Epcot Forever fireworks, I had read that there is lots going on on the lagoon for that show. I heard something about kites pulled by jet ski’s. So I guess maybe no barges, but you will still want to see the water.

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With a group of ten will they be seated at two tables? Or will they be accommodated at one table?

With 11 people, we were at two tables next to each other, which was better than being at a long table. Each table had one end that faced the dance floor (kind of like spokes on a wheel), and then we were able to turn our chairs and be right next to each other when we finished eating.