Biergarten NYE ADR

Today is my ADR day. Second guessed my choice for NYE and ended up making reservations for 2 times.

I’ve researched but haven’t found much specific on what happens in World
Showcase as each country observes “ball drop” (or if they do).

Should we do Biergarten …
Option 1: 5:45 (do they do anything special for “ball drop” in Germany?)

Option 2: 7:30. Will countries do anything special in pavilion that we should catch before dinner?

Some Background-

Myself, DH, DD18, DS16
We are not huge fireworks fans. Will watch if we catch them but don’t want to camp out for spots.
Been to EP lots of times.
In EP to celebrate NYE “around the world”.

Planning dinner at Biergarten.
Haven’t been. Think it will be festive celebration and partially substitute for a Germany trip we have yet to take.

I don’t have an answer about anything special for NYE, but will say that DD17 and I really enjoyed the food! We will definitely go there on our next trip. :slight_smile: