Biergarten for Epcot CLP - how to book?

How do I book the CLP dining package? To my knowledge it isn’t available yet (please correct if I am wrong).
I book ADRs tomorrow morning and not planning to book a Biergarten dinner since we’ll likely be doing the CLP dining package. Is this the way to go? And book CLP dining when released?

We booked a 505 Biergarten and will change it to a CLP when they open.

How is that done? Do you convert your res to a CLP package when they open or do they offer certain times for CLP packages when they are released?

I’m not sure, my TA has done it before apparently.

Thanks! I hope they just release CLP reservations or something b/c I just checked and there isn’t anything for Biergarten for the date we want! I was surprised.

They are likely holding back reservations for CLP. Last year they came out pretty late, at least relative to the 180 day “norm” that Disney has prepared us for. If you follow the BLOG here or other sites, you should see the CLP announcements when they first come out and then won’t have any issue booking whatever you want. Once they announced, I had no issues getting the time slots we wanted for Biergarten last year…

Under the reservations there will be a separate entry for CLP at each restaurant so just make sure you’re booking through that link rather than the normal Biergarten one…

You won’t be able to convert an existing reservation so there isn’t really any need to book one before the packages are released. they usually come out in Late July if I recall but last year it was much later. October maybe? There was no big rush the year we booked one though. I got up early and booked it as soon as released but weeks later there were still plenty of adr’s available.

OK good, I was hoping I didn’t need to book one beforehand, because there were none! Lol. Thanks!

Oh good, that’s what I was hoping to hear! I was hoping I didn’t miss out already before it’s even announced, lol.

Yes they came out July 7 last year for reference.

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Thanks @jennrenn23!

Snagged a Biergarten CLP reservation for the day we wanted, so excited!