Biergarten all the sudden booked solid? Glitch?

So yesterday I was deciding between Rose and Crown and Biergarten. There were plenty available at both, especially Beirgarten which has ressies every 15 min. I finally decided on Biergarten and it’s booked solid!!! For days!! How can this be so?? Doesn’t this have to be a glitch??

This happened to me yesterday. Sci-fi drive in was booked full, but hadn’t been close to full last week. I put it in res finder on here and got 4 hits today, lol. So yeah, I think disney might be glitchy this week. Try again tomorrow?

I will keep checking. Reassuring to hear it’s not just me!! I did put it in the reservation finder. Disney sure has been a mess lately!!!

There seems to be an issue with lots of restaurants. I could not figure out what was going on with Jiko since it seemed to be unavailable 100 days out and that has never happened. I checked off and on for a few days but the other night it was fulky loaded.

I heard similar tales of LTT for Thanksgiving having zero availability and then yesterday - BAM! - billions of ressies available. Put it into ResFinder for some help!

When are you going? It could also be that they are starting to hold back available slots to get ready to load in the CLP dining packages.

Going in October. Looked today and they are all back!! Disney is a hot mess lol


So all of a sudden they are back???

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Yep! Went back on at 6am thiis morning. I had put it in ressie finder and got a notification first thing this morning. So weird! They have been having all kinds of issues with their website.