Bibbity Boppity Boutique

Unfortunately this mom forgot to get reservations for Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and of course it’s the one thing my girls keep asking about. We leave in 8 days. What are my chances of getting a cancellation for 2 kids? I have called every day and nothing in MK or Disney Springs.

Any possibility you will be there through 2/23?

No we are leaving on 2/23. I was hoping for 2/16 at MK or 2/17 at Disney Springs.

Bummer, I have an extra reservation on 2/23.

Thank you! I’ll keep trying and hopefully maybe the day before I’ll get a cancellation.

Just want to wish you good luck. Go get that BBB!

I saw a mention somewhere about a spa in the Grand Floridian that cuts girls hair and also does updos. The report was that it’s even better than BBB because clients don’t all get the exact same super tight bun. I haven’t found any info online, but maybe calling the GF would help? Good luck!

I was thinking of that too, there is also a company that comes to your hotel room and does it there too. I think they have their mind set on MK, I’m honestly not sure how they even remember that from 2 years ago!

Do you know the name of the company that comes to your room? We are going in September and we were wanting to do BBB again. My DD informed me she would now like a down hairdo instead of the tight bun. So I think I need to think of something else. We are having her a dress custom made by Johnathan Kayne. He is a fabulous designer and can do a much better job than the dress I bought last time from BBB.

Yes see the link below:

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Great idea, but that pricing!

I know I know :frowning: But BBB is not cheap either!

We had luck with walking up to BBB at Disney Springs in June.

Ivy Trellis in GF.
This article also mentions places in Yacht Club and Coronado Springs.

Are you girls set on the BBB princess makeover specifically? If they’re into mermaids, the Pirates League may be a fun option…my daughter did the mermaid package in December, it included mermaid face paint, a “down” hairdo and nails… They also included a sash as well as necklace/bracelet!

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Yes my little one is not a fan of pirates. They scare her. I’m trying daily! Hope something opens up.