Bibbity Boppity Boutique questions

I have reservations for my DD4 and DD10 at the Bibbity Boppity Boutique. Some questions:

  1. Do they have costumes for the 10 year old? The online Disney Store does not. She wants a Merida costume.
  2. Are the costumes you purchase there much different from the ones from the online store?
  3. 30-45 minutes about right for the time?
  4. Any helpful hints I need to know about?

Thanks again to you all!

There are dresses, but I didn’t look and don’t know what sizes they go up to. There’s no guarantee that they’ll have, but nothing to say that they won’t have what you’re after either.

I would allow a little bit longer. We had to wait for a while before the appointment and then we went into the shop next door and had some more photos taken.

There was a photo pass photographer there when we went and she was brilliant and got loads of photos. Worth buying MM just for those pics. Not really any other tips I can think of other than to relax and enjoy it.

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If there’s a “must have” outfit, I’d strongly suggest buying in advance and bringing it with you, so you’re not limited by stock on hand. Check non-Disney sources if the Disney Store doesn’t have what you want.

I’ve also heard you should budget at least an hour for BBB.

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My girls had the Coach package at ages 5 & 7 - hair extensions, make-up, nails, and they had an absolute blast ! Here’s how I would answer your questions:

[1] I would highly recommend bringing your own dresses…no guarantees on that. We brought ours and had a mid-morning appointment…had them in a dress bag under our stroller til the appointment.

[2] Not sure how the in-park dresses compare in look, but I know they are pricey ! Try checking the Littlest Dress Shop online. We ordered a few dresses (just for in-Park wear) that were lightweight and well-made from this company.

[3] With waiting, changing, princess-ifying, paying, photos after in Castle Couture (awesome!), we were into the BBB for 80-90 minutes altogether. I would allow 90 minutes on a touring plan just in case.

[4] Bring your own brush, know that the look lasts all day, but be prepared with a change of clothes, the hair extensions were a big hit over the ballet-style bun…too tight !!, take lots of pictures, get the mini-photo shoot done at Castle Couture next door…if you have MM, it’s included. Priceless !!

BBB was a highlight for us…hope it is for your family, too !!


Great tips! Thank you!

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We just took our girls in November ages 4 & 11. They both had the Coach package and loved it! My 11 year old did not want a dress just the makeover, but we bought a dress in advance for my 4 year old. This saved us a ton of money!

I don’t know about sizes since we did not buy our dresses there. I agree with Jayzeeduck on the 80-90 minute time budget for the makeover and the pictures. It is a wonderful experience, and I don’t think you would want to rush it.

Have fun and take lots of pictures!

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