Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Reopening?

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Magic Kingdom park will reopen August 25, 2022. You can book online beginning in early August; check back later for more details. The locations at Disney Springs and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa remain closed at this time.

Well, I guess it’s time to incessantly check daily for bookings to open, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


Harmony Barber Shop sure did book up super fast. BBB hopefuls need to be on the lookout.

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I need someone to build an alert system for when reservations start being accepted!!!

Fortunately for my wallet, my youngest niece isn’t into that princess/sparkle life. I was shocked when she decided she needed to dress like Cinderella for our dinner in the castle.

It was as last minute as it gets, too. We checked in and they said it was going to be a little bit. We went to sit near the fountain, and she said “I think I need to dress up for dinner in the castle!” and so we popped into the shop right there, picked a dress, and dashed to the ladies’ to pull it over her head all before our table was ready.

We did a before and after… as I said, she’s not exactly a Glam Girl by nature!


She’s a cutie!! Glad you made it happen once she got into the spirit of it!!

She’s honestly the cheapest kid on vacation so I had no problem with that. She doesn’t ask for a ton of souvenirs or an ice cream every 5 minutes. She doesn’t want to eat the most expensive thing in the menu like her brother (who would look at you like you were the worst poison in the world if you ever suggested he order from the kids menu), and she doesn’t require a different princess dress every day and fight me over wearing sensible shoes like her sister did. She really wanted the legit Rey costume, but when we bought it she tried it on and immediately said “I like it, but it’s not comfortable, so we might as well take it back.”

So I’ll ask if she wants to go, but I really don’t think she will.


Doesn’t sound like it’s something she would enjoy–seems the dress was a once in a lifetime event!

I remember that!!

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I love that that was her choice AND I love her practicality

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It just occurred to me that it would be great if they had a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo-tique for MNSSHP days. Like, get a villain makeover, or just hair with facepaint or something.


I have been wondering more about the Pirates League, but looks like they took references to it off of the website :slightly_frowning_face:

Pirates League > BBB by a mile (even as we loved our BBB experience)

I’ll be sad if it never comes back

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I think that was discontinued even before COVID.

Random question but has anyone ever done the boy experience with a style and a sword. My son will be 6 this time and will feel left out. Wondering if it’s worth it. It’s on $20.

It was. Pirate League was one of the most impressive child experiences to date for my painfully shy DS8. I think our last time was in Aug of 2018.


Looks like castmember previews were yesterday … hopefully more news soon?


My non-glam niece has chosen BBB out of all the “special treat” options I gave her. :grimacing: That’s that very last thing I’d have expected her to choose (out of dessert parties, Cirque, scareactor dining at Universal, and one other thing I’ve forgotten). I did tell her, though, that they haven’t started taking reservations, so it might not happen.


Someone on chat was mentioning that they provided free appointments to local girl scouts for training too!

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The page looks like it got updated look (and removed the “check back later part” I couldnt book anything still - but hopefully I didnt miss it opening and all reservations getting booked :sob:

Someone on chat said it opens 1pm EST today :upside_down_face: wish everyone good luck!

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