Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for Daughter w sensitive scalp

My daughter wants to do Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but has a very sensitive scalp and has worked herself up that it will be painful. She always ends up in tears when her hair is being braided, when tangles are being brushed out, etc. So she is considering not doing it, even though she wants to, for fear of the pain.

Is it true that the cast members pull very tight on the hair to get it styled correctly? Do they take sensitive scalps into consideration? Or is it best to just avoid this one?

My daughter never complained or even winced while they were doing her hair and they completely pull all of it up and cement it to their head, lol. They did section by section so I think that made it more tolerable. I think if you explain that she is sensitive, maybe they can go easy on her. Maybe you can call and ask about that. It’s definitely something I would have hated for my daughter to miss out on.

My daughter always complains every time I brush her hair or do anything to it. Yet at BBB she sat there and happily let her godmother pull her hair back in a tight bun without any issues. She loved it so much she wouldn’t let me take it out for a few days (though I did undo the bun at night while leaving the tight pony tail in and re-did the bun and tiara each morning).

We decided not to do BBB and I don’t regret it. Our DD has tangly hair that it takes some skill to untangle without tears. She also is bothered by some hair clips or just by her hair being pulled too tight (and her scalp turns red so it isn’t just in her mind). Having seen the hairstyles on multiple little girls who had been there, I think if we had done it there would have been tears during the appointment and not long after we left the salon DD would have wanted the hairstyle out because it would have irritated her.

I have witnessed some of what they do and if your child is sensitive, then I would consider skipping it.

That being said, Disney, in general, does a great job of accommodating kids’ needs. Is there a specific hairstyle that works for your daughter, that she won’t want pulled out 5 minutes after it is done? Maybe there is an alternative way of having the experience, such as keeping her hairstyle and adding the glitter to her hair and some ribbons? See if you can talk to someone about this. Talk with your daughter. I do not see why her hair needs to be done in a tight bun. If she really wants to do it, you might be able to find a way.

My daughter is sensitive as well. She did BBB when she was 5 and loved it. We brushed out her hair while we waited for her appointment to get out all the tangles and make it smooth and easy to deal with. She has lots of hair. She didn’t mind the styling process at all. She did not think it pulled or hurt at all. My daughter is sensitive to the “pain” of brushing/styling but after her hair is fixed, she isn’t sensitive to buns/ponytails/etc. So if that is a concern for yours, maybe skip. It is a great experience and with nails and makeup and the photoshoot, the physical hairstyling is only one part (unless it bothers her after the fact).

Thanks everyone!

I actually spoke with a cast member last night when reserving the appointment, and she said that we can definitely ask for gentle treatment with her.

I really appreciate all the advice and opinions!

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Let us know how she likes it!