BG1 modify/cancel?

Can I modify or cancel a LL in BG1 or do I have to canc in MDE then rebook? I thought I could modify in BG1 but it didn’t work earlier. Could just be my misinterpretation. Thanks

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In BG1 when you press the lightning button to see your list, there will be a rebook button for the most recent one. When DS and I were both using it though there wasn’t one. @joelbruick said something like that it didn’t know which had bee booked most recently. After that just one of us used it and it did work.

It takes you back to the main page so you can choose a different or the same ride. Or you can keep what you have.


Ah ha! I knew there was a way!

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FYI…BG1 is the closest thing to FPP and has made the trip for us.


Totally agree! It makes it feel normal and manageable.