BG from Home?

So there have been several liners (including me) posting that they got a boarding group from home today on the lines app. I wonder what the implications of this will be.


I was “practicing” from home today and could not get through at all, was never able to start the process. Seemed like something odd was up.

Time will tell I suppose but I would think it’s a glitch. Why would they want you to be able to potentially get a BG from your hotel room? Wouldn’t that decrease the people in the park and therefore ticket sales?

I’m guessing it is a glitch…although, I just made the suggestion yesterday that Disney should allow this in order to help with with RD crowds!

But, regardless, I don’t think it would have much (if any) role in affecting ticket sales, nor decrease the people in the park. The people trying for a BG would have tickets already (I doubt the system would allow otherwise), and at worst (or best, depending on how you look at it), those folks would instead go to a different park, or to HS later in the day.

Maybe it was the first change Chapek wanted to make :laughing:


I actually don’t have active tickets right now and was able to get a BG. In theory, this could impact t the number of ticket days I purchase and/or whether I add the park hopper option.

My husband got a boarding group this morning too! He cancelled it after he got it, but it was Group 18, so I feel pretty good about that lol

:joy: he’s working hard to make our life difficult already!

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I know, right?! I won’t be practicing anymore but DS asked if we could get plane tickets to head down today. :joy:

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Interesting. That is most definitely a glitch. There is no reason Disney should allow anyone without tickets a way to obtain a BG. Perhaps they didn’t put in a check for this, since they were instead just checking if guests had tapped in, which implied a ticket. But if they aren’t going to mandate having tapped in, they need to mandate that the person has park tickets for the day already.


And just to clarify, I don’t think it’s a terrible idea to allow people to get a BG without tapping in. My family of 5 would love it. I do have a problem with people getting one without an active ticket. That could cause issues for sure.


Can you imagine??

Just get EVERYONE you know to log in and get a BG the day you’re going to be there. You’ll have the line to yourself :rofl::rofl:

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the new CEO already turning things upside down lol!

My DH said the exact same thing! lol

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Agreed. It makes no sense to allow people without tickets to get a BG. It must be a glitch. I’d like to see them not require you to be in the park as it would help spread out the crowds throughout the day. RD was insane when we were there in January. If we didn’t need to be in the park for BG we would have waited and arrived later in the day since our kids don’t do much else at HS, besides TSL and a few shows. HS is not a full day park for us.


While more convenient, it would drastically increase the number of people attempting to get a BG and greatly decrease your odds of getting one. I’m not sure I’m seeing that as a good trade off?


Good point! I still feel like limiting the number of rides on ROTR someone can get in a certain amount of time should be limited. Like once a week, etc. I feel bad for the people who just visit once to be turned away while others visit every day of their trip and get BGs (and hop away).

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I’ve been devising a system in my head where everyone that taps in prior to park opening can put in a request for a BG for their party (must also be tapped in). Then they would randomly assign BGs at park opening with no further action on your part (no more worrying about IT glitches). They would first assign BG to parties that have never ridden before, then in descending order based on how long ago you’ve ridden.

Obviously some people will try to game the system using dummy accounts, but hopefully most people would choose to play fair. Still working out the details of how it would work with parties containing a mix of new riders and old riders.

But this would give priority to new riders while not having to have actual rules about how often you can ride.


I absolutely do see it as a good trade off. If I could know before entering the park whether we would have a BG or not, and what time of day it would be if we did, it would make handling the rest of the day so much better. And I’m not entirely convinced it will make it significantly harder. Harder, sure…but not significantly so.

What I hate, now, is that I might go to the work of getting my entire party of 7 up and to the parks super early with no guarantee of anything, only to find out we didn’t make it, or we end up with a BBG with no guarantee of everything, and are essentially forced to participate in the horrendous RD crowds.

Depends on what you call much harder, and what is more important for you.

The surveys point at 90% of liners, which sounds correct. If it goes down to 50%, that is actually a 5 times increase on the number of people who tried to ride and couldn’t. And 50% is generous, I would bet a lot of APs and people going to other parks that day, plus travel agents, would be trying.

Right now odds are pretty good you will get a BG on the day you try. The cost is crazy RD crowds. If your priority is RotR, not such a bad deal. If you want a fun day in the park, maybe the cost is not worth it.