BG & Dining Conflict!

What do you do if your Tron BG gets called right before your dining reservation??

Go to theTron ressie

You can always get seated later at dining but may have to wait

Well almost always. Anyway it’s the safer bet

The folks on chat said the reverse. They say that if you bring your receipt from the restaurant, you have 1 hour from the time stamped on it to ride.

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Well then

I guess do whichever and report back how it works out.

What’s the dining ressie?

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Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen. Hostess says there’s a wait anyway, so they’re going to Tron now.

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Slight miscommunication… the hostess told them to go to Swiss Family Treehouse before dinner and Tron after. :woman_facepalming: :laughing:

Will report back about getting onto Tron with dining receipt.


No problem getting through the Tron queue with the dining receipt!

For reference, they were originally supposed to be there by 7:20pm, and got in at 8:30pm instead because of the dining conflict. Now we know!


Thanks for closing the loop!

Thanks for sharing this - it is something I have been wondering about.