Beware the WDW App For Reservations!

I got an alert that a BoG reservation had opened up during the time I was interested. Since I was not near my PC, I logged onto the WDW app and started the reservation process. Sure enough,the time was available. I tried to grab it and it alerted me that I already had a reservation at this tie at Liberty Tree. This was true since Liberty Tree was my backup choice. The app asked if I wanted to cancel the Liberty tree reservation and I said I did.

It then told me that it could not make the BoG reservation. After poking around, It appears that 1) it did cancel my Liberty Tree reservation, and 2) it did NOT make my BoG reservation at the same time, and 3) the BoG reservation was no longer available.

So, instead of a new BoG reservation, I had nothing.

I quickly re-made my Liberty Tree reservation but this is a huge bug and could really mess someone up if they didn’t realize what happened.

At a minimum, don’t use the app to cancel one reservation in favor of a another since it appears that it acts differently than the website. The website holds the new time for you while you are in the process of making the new reservation and cancelling old ones. The app does not appear to do that and will cancel your old reservation without having first finalized the new one.

this is programming 101 for a :“try to change my reservation” function and Disney gets an F on this one.

It’s not a fault of the programming. Believe it or not, in the time between when you cancelled your LTT and went to make your BOG, someone else snagged it out from under you. That’s always the down side of trying to change ADRs…

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I don’t think that’s the case. When you try to make an overlapping ADR, both the app and website warn you and ask it you want to cancel the first one (which you have to do in order to finalize the new ADR). In the case of the website, it is holding your new ADR until it cancels the old one, but it does not appear that the app is doing that.

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The website is very good about not cancelling your old ADR. A couple of times the site has frozen and had a problem at the end of my booking, and when I’ve checked I’ve got the new ADR and it hasn’t cancelled the old one.

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This is why one needs more than one MDE account :wink:


I was going to say this same thing as I have seen this happen as well. BOG is so coveted and so many people have alerts set and are looking all the time, someone can actually confirm it between the time you select it and before you have it confirmed. Crazy!

I have seen people mention having a second MDE account, or “dummy” account, but haven’t read up on why/what for. What do you do with it and how does it benefit you for ADRs or FPP selections? And how is it linked to your magic bands that are associated w/ your “real” MDE account?

Because you can make reservations that overlap by having one in each account. Your reservations are not linked to your magic band. You check in by name at the restaurant. For example, this spring I made a reservation at CRT for my sister and niece in my MDE. When they got there they checked in as me. No issue.

I may currently be holding two different dinner reservations on our arrival night, at the same hour, as we have not decided what we exactly want to do that night. I have one in my more active MDE (where I do have all of my hotel reservations and FPP) and one in my dummy account. I will be releasing one of them in the next few days.

You do have to remember that you have multiple reservations - and cancel what you don’t want - in order to avoid the no-show fee.


Sorry, but it is bad coding. The website behaves differently. It holds your new reservation while it deletes the old one specifically because of what you are talking about: a lot of people want these spots. The app does not do this.

Note: Even if the website didn’t behave that way, it is trivial to make it do so.


Lesson learned!

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What you describe can not happen on the website. If you select a reservation time on teh website, the code tags it for you while you are finishing the reservation wizard. (Even if you crash your PC, it holds you session open for a short period of time.

The only time someone can grab the reservation from you after you clicked on it is either 1) in the any time which is awful, or 2) on the website if you do nothing for X minutes. (I don’t know what X is.)

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Yes that is what I meant! I don’t know what x is either but it doesn’t "keep"it for you definitely on the website, and this does seem to happen on the app.

Okay, so this makes sense for ADR’s is there a benefit for FP’s that I am not seeing? My FP window is coming up here in two weeks and I’m absolutely open to using any tool at my disposal ha

Not for FP. Because you have to have a ticket to link for FP and you can’t link it to two different accounts

At least I don’t think you can.

I have gotten 3 notifications from the reservation finder and each time I got the paws page… I probably took 1 min between getting the notification and clicking on the link