Just wondering if alcoholic beverages and fun non alcoholic beverages are included in buffets and quick service meals???

Yes they are.

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Alcohol is only included if on DDP. You have to put of pocket for them at buffets if not on DDP.

thank you. we have purchased the DDP. Good to know. Also, are the refillable mugs able to be refilled by children as well? Or do they need to order from a different menu?

Children get refillable mugs as well. They can also get juice box, milk, etc. Refillable mugs can only be filled at the resorts, not parks restaurants or in Disney Springs.

Kids 3 and older as long as on DDP. If under 3 they won’t get a mug.

I also want to make clear that in order to get the beverage at QS you must purchase with the meal at the same transaction. You can’t get it later.

OH! thank you so much!! Good to know…