Better to start at IOA or USF for a 1 Day Touring Plan?

We’re doing to do a whirlwind tour of Universal in 1 day in mid-November. We’re not staying on property, so we’ll be ready to enter either park at 9:00, but IOA does have early admission at 8:00 that day. Our party consists of 4 adults and 2 kids (5 & 2). Our top priority is Harry Potter followed by things that mainly interest the kids (Minions, Dr. Seuss, etc.). We’ll hit other rides the kids can’t do as time allows/lines are short. My thought is that Hogwarts Express will be our exit/entrance between parks. One park will be first and last, and the other park will be in the middle. Is that the right logic to follow when creating our Touring Plans? What park would you recommend starting with?

Thanks, in advance, for the direction!

I’m doing exactly what you’re planning in September. I’m starting with USF, hopping to IOA midday, and then hopping back to USF in the evening. Here’s what my plans look like:

Morn/Eve -
Midday -

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if IOA is the only park with early entry then USF will open 30 mins before official opening time so I would start their. with DM and a few other rides a open so ride Minions first as queues get long. I would leave gringotts to late pm. There are premium 1 day tp on here Start by looking at them.

Points to note car parking is up to 15 min walk from tapstyles There is a bag check and lots of people make rd so it is busy. I would aim to be in the car park an hour before opening at the latest to get to front of rd queue

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Thanks so much @mALYficent for sharing your plans and @mumcalsop for the great tips on timing! I appreciate the insights.