Better to do online check in for Club Level too?

We are staying at AKL club level. I know online check in is suggested for guests at hotels now , but we’ve never stayed Club Level. We have also never stayed at AKL either. If we do online check in do we miss out on any Club Level perks i.e room preference, request turndown service, information about resort?

I stayed Club Level at AKL back in 2009. I do feel that online checkin misses part of the experience.

When we arrived then there was someone standing at a podium outside the front door. They asked if we were Mr. and Ms. (our names), and immediately whisked us off to an elevator that went straight to the club lounge. They handled our checkin and also gave us an overview of the lounge, what we can expect to find there and what services they offer.

If you want to skip all of that and just go straight to your room, yeah, you can do online checkin, but you’re missing out on part of the service you’re paying for, IMHO.

I do not believe that AKL meets you at the door any longer. I would do the TP fax if there are any specific requests you need.

I’m on a disboards club level forum and the latest posters for all Deluxe club level has been the majority with no greeter at the gate or resort for check-in at the resort. I just called DSS and gave my room requests and our celebrations. He took them down and then I checked in on-line. Only reason I didn’t use TP fax is there are only four rooms of our type and the resort is fully booked so didn’t think it would make much difference. YMMV

I stayed AKL CL in February. Even doing online check in they did not have any room requests. They actually had me go to the lobby when there was an issue in check in- not CL. I would send a TP fax making any requests for room location or bed (do you want bunk beds?). In multiple discussions with Disney after my stay I have a private line to call if I ever decide to call and a reference number- do the fax!

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Yes . We want bunk beds and it’s my daughters birthday. What DO they do for u now upon check in for club level??

I’ve heard everything from printing out your itinerary, check-in with special check-in beverage, and greeting you in the resort lobby (this is how most people used to be greeted years ago) to checking in at the regular front desk and they tell you go on up to club level and enjoy the use of the club. Wilderness Lodge has been getting rave reviews lately and going above and beyond. Not too long ago that was Beach Club. I really think it varies on the CMs working in the CL and the main lobby when you arrive IMHO. I’m going for a huge celebration and have been reading on the disboards forum has gotten me a little discouraged but I decided to make the best of it. If I get greeted I’ll really talk to the managers and tell them how great it was and send in a complimentary review. Same if I get any extra treatment. But right now I’m not expecting much. It’s disappointing because I really planned and saved a lot for this trip but I’m trying to be positive and make my own magic if I have too to make great trip.

Hopefully others that have recently stayed CL on this forum will have better insight as I haven’t officially stayed and am going purely off others reviews on another forum.

Room 4505 is a CL room with bunk beds. It has an amazing view. AKL did not greet me, there was no itinary or contact for CL staff. Same trip WL CL had my itinary and a number to text.

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How do I do a fax request. Can I just put a request comment on the ono check in or maybe call them. That way I can tell my other requests

Have touring plans do it for you:

Wow ! Thanks, I didn’t even know that option existed. :blush:

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We stayed at Beach Club Club Level a couple weeks ago. When we checked in at the front desk, she brought us up to CL where we were checked in. They handed us our magic bands (it was a last minute trip so they didn’t have time to ship to us) and told us where the room was. She explained about the food area and how to get beer and wine when we wanted some, asked if we needed any help with dining reservations and sent us on our way.

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That happened to me at YC, BC, Poly and WL. That was not my experience at AKL or with any CL Staff at AKL.

Wish I would have known about all the rave reviews of WL CL. We stayed there some time ago and loved it, just in a standard room. Wanted to try AK for our kids especially with the doubt of WL construction being done by the time our vacation came

I bet you’ll love it! It’s on my bucket list!