Beta Testers Wanted

@david, did you think that the other reported issues were resolved? I am asking because about three days ago I was on the TP site and it said to try the beta site. I did but when I logged in it one again opened that June 2014 touring plan page a couple of us had before?

I am trying to link the other thread where the issue I just referred to was mentioned: Website Testing

It seems as if it only happens if I have to log in- so if I go from my dashboard, it is fine- but if I did a Google search- say for a blog post and then log into beta I still hav the TP show up.

This is good informaiton @PrincipalTinker. Thank you! No, that issue is not resolved, but your description will help us isolate the problem and resolve it.

From my phone browser this morning.

@PrincipalTinker The issue with being directed to that Lines touring plan (actually, it’s not really Lines: it’s a mock-up shown on our homepage) should now be resolved on the beta site.

Thanks for your help! I welcome additional testers and feedback!

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I tried the beta plan and when I tried to add an attraction to my Universal Studios plan, nothing happened. I logged off & on again but I was still not able to do this. I’d also hoped it wouldn’t be beta anymore after I logged off. How can I stop being a beta tester?