Beta Testers Wanted

Hey guys, we’re about to make a behind-the-scenes upgrade to our system, and we’d love to get some feedback on anything we need to fix before we make the switch.

  • What this is: a beta, full Touring Plans site set up with our changes - BUT on the same database as

  • What that means: Anything you have setup on your account will also be on the beta site (plans, trips, etc.). WARNING: this also means any changes you make on the beta site will also change on! Be careful!

  • Who can try it: anyone heading to

  • What you’ll see that’s different: Hopefully? Nothing. This is a web structure change that is designed to make it easier and faster to add new features and fix bugs going forward. (It also should make things a bit faster, but you probably won’t see that in the beta.)

  • What you’ll actually see that’s different: You will see an error saying that parts of pages are insecure. That’s intentional right now and nothing to worry about - you can either ignore it (in which case the page may look a little odd) or tell your browser to allow the insecure content (you’ll have a notice on the toolbar or an icon like a shield to click on next to the address, etc).

  • Where to report bugs: What bugs?

  • No really, where to report the inevitable bugs: Right here in this thread. We’ll be actively working on (and responding to) them all this week. (If a bug is already in the thread, don’t feel like you need to post “me too” to let us know it affects multiple people - we will check out all reports.)

  • How many people can do this: As many as would like to help! We appreciate anyone taking the time.

  • How long will this be going on: We’re planning to run the beta for at least a week before switching over.

Thanks! If you have any questions, this is the place to post them. The site is available now and we’re already testing it ourselves and fixing things as we go, so feel free to head over. :slight_smile:

I’m logged in now and my Dashboard is a bit of a mess. Is this the normal view on an iPhone?

That’s how it looks on non-beta too

Ok. Good to know. It looks pretty bad in both. :grin:

I went to pages I recently visited on my iPad. This is what I usually see:

This is what the beta site looks like (no warning about unsecured)

When I go into the crowd calendar and click on a date it doesn’t do anything. On the current site, it brings me to a more detailed description of the day.

EDIT: This should be fixed now.

Yeah, the dashboard is basically useless on an iPhone, but OK on the iPad.

I am trying to update a touring plan, removing a step before evaluating. I am not able to remove the step, I am just getting the “processing circle”.

Edit from Sarah: This is now fixed.

Updating the fax room request it not saving.

Thanks for the feedback so far! We’re working on bugs and I’ll post when each is resolved. Thanks!

Yeah that’s for sure on the list to update, though it’s not part of this beta obviously. For now, on mobile using Lines is your best option to view trips.

Using Firefox on PC -

HTML/CSS not processing properly:

On the Dashbord under Destinations, the Renew button works but looks odd.

HTML markup in button

Error when clicking “Wait times submitted” link from dashboard

Markup shown in alerts

Markup in renew button on dashboard

Just want to say my touring plan for Oct. 11 in MK is whacked? I pushed optimize and now everything is at incredibly low waits.

7 Dwarves Mine Train with not wait time and at 10 a.m.

What the What?

3 minute wait for Anna & Elsa at 6 p.m…


Somebody please fix or tell me this is going to be a glorious day…

Yes, I noticed earlier today that 7 Dwarfs Mine Train was showing no wait. It ruined my existing plans.

Now I need to wait for TP to fix the issue and then I need to spend time fixing my plans. Grrr…

Bringing this up again, we’d love to have some more beta testers bang on our “beta” site and let us know about problems:

Desktop version:
Mobile/Lines version:

(The Mobile/Lines version will lack the buttons you see at the bottom of your app, and in-app purchasing won’t work, but otherwise the mobile site should be the same as what you see in the Lines app.)

Our goal is for the “beta” site to function like the current site, although it should be faster, more stable, etc. due to various under-the-hood updates.

Please submit feedback via the “Contact support” link at