Best Weather Forecast

All prepped for our trip next week, and just trying to get a grasp on the weather forecast. Every place i look seems to contradict another weather site, and it also seems to change alot every half day or so. For Anaheim, is this a fool’s errand even to be looking at the weather more than 2 days out? Does anyone have a weather forecast website they’ve found to be more accurate than others during their trip?

A little rain won’t bring us down, but if better prepared for which days may be wet, I make rearrange some of my touring plans to best deal with the weather if i can.

Thanks for the help!

My preferred weather app for in-the-moment information, and one that I have seen recommendations for on travel websites, is MyRadar. You can configure it to give you alerts when rain is expected in your area. I really like the radar map on the home screen - you can see exactly where rain is falling, the direction the storms are moving, and get a better idea of the severity of the precipitation that is likely. There is a premium paid version as well, but I haven’t found the need to get it.

As far as forecasts, it’s about as good as any other, but obviously quality of predictions goes down with time. Right now the app is telling me that Disneyland will have a high chance of rain and lower temps next Wednesday, but that Saturday 11/30 - Tuesday 12/3 should be dry.

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Just checked out MyRadar. It seems like a great layout and should be very useful. Thanks a lot for the suggestion.