Best WDW work out room?

I think the one at Kidani is great, but haven’t been to the one at Saratoga Springs since the rehab. Where does everyone like to work out?

Kidani is nice. had to LOOK for it. lol. But my favorite is actually the one over at Jambo House… its in a great quiet corner and pool view.


Saratoga Springs is excellent, and I’ve used it many times. Probably two dozen cardio machines, including elliptical, treadmill, and upright and recumbent bikes. Free weights and machines. It’s also spotless and smells fresh. I swear they wipe everything down every 20 minutes whether or not anyone uses it. I’ve never had to wait for anything.

“Sturdy Branches” at the Wilderness Lodge is also very good but I’ll admit to being a sluggard the one time I stayed there so I only looked in the door.

I’m assuming you have to be staying at resort to use the facilities. I hear OKW isn’t great wrt the gym. :unamused:

Yes, you’re right @docmcstubbins. AoA doesn’t have a workout area/gym, so my Dad was really hoping to visit one at another resort during our 6-day stay. But he was told firmly (rudely, if you ask him, but he’s a bit sensitive) that was not an option, even for a fee.

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We like Kidani, but it’s a bit small and sometimes we’ve had to wait for treadmills. Just stayed at BWV and really liked their workout room. Probably our favorite so far.

Hoping to go there or to one in Poly during my upcoming stay!