Best way to use forum on iphone5?

Good morning! My countdown is now 14 days…woohoo! How do you best use the forum on the iphone? There is no app correct…how do I save it in google chrome? Is this the best way?

I made a shortcut to the login screen on my Disney apps page and named it lines forum. It does require a login each time I shut it down to save battery, but pulls right up each time. iPhone 4S

Did you make the shortcut on Chrome? I can only work out how to do it on Safari but I much prefer Chrome so would love to know how to do it from there!

I bookmarked it to my favorites list. Easiest way to get in!

Pooh…how did you make this app?

I leave the page open in Safari.

I don’t use chrome. I have too many apps/sites that don’t like chrome. Sorry no help, but that is what my shortcut looks like.

I opened up the forum homepage in Safari, then clicked the icon on the bottom toolbar that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it. Then selected “add to home screen” :iphone:

Edit: I should add that it’s not an app, it’s just a shortcut to the website so you can find it quicker/easier. You click on it and it opens up the page in Safari straight away.

Hey Pooh! Thanks for the safari tip! That worked great!

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