Best way to travel from Polynesian to Magic Kingdom to save time

Ferry boats, monorail, buses oh my! I also know TTC is an option (we will be on the DVC side). What is the quickest way to get to Magic Kingdom from the Polynesian to rope drop early magic hours? Thanks in advance for you help!

I would say monorail is probably going to be your best bet. I’ve rarely waited more than a couple of minutes for a train to come by and have never had it be full be and unable to board. For most control over your destiny, you could walk from poly to the game via the pathway at GrandFlo but I do think that will take you a good 20 to 30 minutes.

We love taking the boats (from Poly dock, not TTC).

Speed depends mostly on timing. If the dock is clear (people haven’t started waiting), it will probably be a while - 20 minutes? So I’d jump on the monorail.

And just to be clear, everyone is referencing the resort Monorail here. The resort monorail is probably the quickest and most consistent if you’re racing to the MK. Love the poly dock small boats in general but there can be a wait for those in waiting for it to return. Walking over to TTC for the Ferry is a fun option on occasion too, but I wouldn’t do it on a rope drop morning…

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Monorail, Don’t underestimate the benefit of already going through security. Its the same reason the path from Contemporary and BLT is so great. Zero security wait.


Absolutely. The only time it makes sense to walk to TTC for monorail is to get to Epcot

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I took the boat launch from the Poly to MK on 10/2 for EPTE and it was glorious. The launch was waiting as I walked up, we left promptly, and arrived at MK fairly quickly.

There was confusion as to where resort guests were being scanned in, but once that was sorted, I scanned in and was riding Peter Pan soon after! :sunglasses:

I purposefully left a little earlier that morning so I could take the launch.

When we were leaving MK one night we asked a CM which was the quickest way back to the Poly and he emphatically said the boat launch.

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The boat from Poly can be a long wait. We waited 20+ minutes for it when we were there after our breakfast at Kona. So, whether it is fast really depends on the luck of your timing.

This is key, and you wouldn’t know this unless you were nearby to it and needing to pass it to get to monorail. If it’s not right there I would not plan to wait if speed were your goal.

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Definitely agree monorail. And get there early!

Villa side of Poly is closer than rest of Poly rooms to TTC, but still a shorter walk to Poly monorail. If you want to take out the unknown of when the monorail will arrive, we really enjoyed the 15-20 minute walk around the lake. Lots of nature and views to take in, and zero bumping elbows.

Hey team, I really appreciate the input! Thanks for the time you took to share your experiences and recommendations and it is also really good to hear that the path to GFl and around to MK is also a viable option.

I was also unaware that security would be done at the Poly for the monorail- that is a huge bonus.

We will be there next week and can’t wait!


I looked into this recently and was fully expecting the direct boat to be fastest, but it can take around 8-12 minutes as sometimes the boat waits for the MK dock to free up. Assuming there is just one boat running between Poly and MK (?), it can take quite a while unless you catch it right when departing.

The resort monorail is only about 5 minutes including a normal stop at GF so it’s definitely the fastest.

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