Best way to spend your last full day at Disneyworld

After a full week at DW, what is your favourite way to spend your last full day?

Years ago, when travelling just adults, we’d park hopped till we dropped trying to do as many of favourites as possible. This trip, we’ll have our 6 and 8 year old in tow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 10-day stay over Christmas (this will be our third try to get there - thanks Pandemic).

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I always spend my last full day at Magic Kingdom. I never get everything done there I want and its just my favorite place. Although, with a 10 day stay I would imagine you’re getting more than 1 day at MK. Plus, normally, I love ending my trip with a castle show.


Always end at MK. I have to say goodbye to the castle. Although I am REALLY not a fan of the pink paint job so I am unsure how I will feel about seeing it in five months.


I’m a fan of bookending my trips with MK. The castle really lets me know I’m finally there when I arrive. On the last day the castle reinforces that feeling that I’m welcome and lets me know that it will always be home when I come back. I like to leave with the iconic presence fresh in my mind.

Also, MK is has a lot to do and my last day isn’t usually a full day so I get the most out of my time.


I can’t end it the way I used to end it, because I am an Epcot girl, and I always ended my trips to WDW with a morning in the MK and the afternoon/evening in Epcot. Stake out a perfect spot for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, send Wesley to France for chocolate glace, hang out with strangers in the perfect World Showcase gloaming. Buy a plastic cup of Canadian wine. Chat. Buy another cup of wine.

Watch the fireworks. Cry.

Then find an out-of-the-way place to sit and flip through the pictures on your trusty old digital camera while reliving the trip – and let thousands of people stream out of the park while you talk about your favorite moments. Let the kids buy something ridiculous and overpriced like a ball with interchangeable fabric covers. (Which will be forgotten in two weeks and left at the bottom of a closet for the next 4 years.) (WHY??? DO THEY STILL EXIST???)

When the crowds abate, start walking toward MouseGear – slowly, slooooowlyyyy, try to make it last as long as possible, put off leaving as long as you can. Go to MouseGear. Look at everything. Look at everything again. Peruse the price tags carefully. Go ahead and buy the Tinker Bell watch you’ve been looking at all week, anyway.

You’ll be one of the last people out of the park. Dance on the twinkly sidewalk. Lie down under Spaceship Earth and take a picture looking up. Walk even more slowly through the graveyard of tilted monoliths with 2" pictures of strangers in black and silver.


Yeah, I can’t do that any more. I’ll have to come up with a new plan. :cry:


We definitely spend the last day doing our favorites (which usually is new things). One year that was going the HS to ride TSMM, ToT, and RnRC, then watching the Indy show and the old car stunt show (Lights, Motor, Action?) before going to Blizzard Beach in the afternoon. Another year that was going to AK to get one more ride on FoP and several rides on E:E before finishing the day at MK for rides on all the mountains and fireworks (which we actually had never seen!).

Ultimately, the best way to end a trip to WDW is do whatever makes you happy!

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