Best way to sign up for JTA

I am trying to figure out the best way to sign up for Jedi Training Academy. We currently have 8:00 ADRs at H&V on a 9:00 opening, which I would leave and take my DS to sign up while the rest of the family finished up breakfast. Would we be better off to just to RD and head straight there instead? Does early ADR give you any advantage?
My DD2 would love the characters at H&V but we could see them later in the day. My DS is really wanting to do JTA so that is the priority.

I would skip the adr but I hate rushing meals You might have to leave @8.40 and I feel its alot of money to be sitting watching outside trying to gauge whats happening with rd and I would be too stressed to enjoy it. Many will have a diff opinion though.

I am also looking for tips on ensuring that we will get a JTA spot. My feeling about pre-RD reservations is that you are rarely going to get a time advantage unless you are committed to leaving the restaurant even if your meal is not done. While you might get lucky and everything goes super quickly, our experience has been that things tend to take longer than you expect. Especially for a buffet like at H&V, you really are rushing yourself out, and that may feel more stressful than fun.

Here’s the way I see this:
Advantage #1: Early ADR gets you into the park before it opens.
Advantage #2: H&V characters are out and about consistently. Last year we did lunch there and each character came around multiple times. You can be in and out of that buffet without rushing within an hour.
There’s really no down side to your current plan. If the meal was winding down, as you noted, you and DS can head to sign up and then meet back up after with the rest of the family.

I’m going to try an 8am ADR at H & V in February. Can I leave with the boys and get them signed up for JTA and then return to the restaurant? Can anyone say if that has worked out for them?

I believe someone tried this and were told they would not be allowed back in a few months ago That was with hubby/wife staying at table with younger kid.