Best way to save money on a 1 day MK ticket?

I’m visiting MK in December with my family for just one day. (We are staying offsite.) We’ve done it in the past and have a decent idea of how to do a 1-day extravaganza, but I’m not seeing any deals for purchasing the base tickets when I look at the calculator or discount sites mentioned here. Is there no real way to save money on that level of ticket? I even tried AAA, but they only had a discount for Universal. :frowning: Thanks.

I do not believe any legitimate tickets sellers sell discounted one day tickets. I would say online may be a few dollars cheaper (from Disney)?

Yep, Disney does not discount 1 or 2 day tix.

Sellers usually have buy four get 5, or buy 5 get 7. I’ve never seen dollars off any tickets, single day or otherwise.

Thanks for the responses, everyone.

But that said, is there any advantage to purchasing our tickets ahead of time, or should be just buy them the day of?

You will be able to book fastpasses 30 days out of you buy them in advance and link them in MDE.

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Also, Buying tickets at the gate will cost you $21.30 more per ticket (incl tax) than buying them from Disney online.

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