Best way to make ADR for party of 16?

I just figured out that I can’t do ADRs for more than 14. For some reason I am averse to calling, I hate talking on the phone and it can be hard for me to be on hold/tied to the phone at 7 am in my house. So I can call, how does that work, you just call right at 7 am? Do you have the same opportunity as the 6 am’ers, or is it just the leftovers? (and how do TAs do it, anyway? They have so many people to call for!)

Or is it better/easier/safer to set up a separate MDE account for my DH, and make two simultaneous reservations for 8? I can run my phone and laptop at the same time, and hopefully snag both at once. We aren’t trying for more than one ADR on any given day:

October 11–BOG lunch for 16
October 13–TH character dinner for 16
October 15–Plaza dinner for 16 (if we don’t get this, it’s not a crisis, we can do counter service or offsite. Just thought Plaza looked reasonable and easy)
October 16–'Ohana dinner for 16


One thing that you can do is use two different browsers, one for each MDE account. That way all you have to do is toggle between windows on your PC as opposed to having to use your phone and PC.

In Jan. 2014, my family did a 17 person trip. We did a few dinners with everyone, but most meals were divided up into smaller units. However, we did score dinner at 'Ohana for all 17! It was the most challenging reservation I have ever made. They made me do a 10 person and a 7 person reservation. Then I had to call 'Ohana the day of the reservation and speak with a manager. Once we got there, I had to remind them we wanted to all sit together. They made the accommodation. I’m so glad it worked out. It was scary because they would not guarantee me we could sit together until that night. Looking back, it was the one meal my family still talks about. We got to watch Wishes and celebrate both of my nieces birthdays! Truly magical! Good luck with your reservations! BTW, I also used two computers on ADR day. I used two accounts and made reservations at the same time. Worked like a charm.

I have no personal experience with this, but if you don’t want to have to call, then you may consider using the services of a Disney travel agent. Even if you already have a hotel reservation, you can transfer that to an agent (so they will get their commission) and they could handle your dining requests. Some agencies have a lot of experience with large group travel.

There are 34 of us from the DL side with a dinner next week there, & it is going to be mighty interesting to see how it plays out. I didn’t do the booking, but the one who did is on a mission to try and have us all together.

I didn’t know this, I was able to make a reservation for 16 from my computer, just not the MDE app. So we are all set, all 16 of us, for Tusker House at 5:45 on 10/13.

Tomorrow we are trying for Hollywood & Vine for the last seating at 10:30 for the Disney Jr. breakfast.

We are still SOL on BOG, though I found a reservation for 1 tonight. Yes, I took it. :slight_smile:

@jvhaas The number of guests allowed on a reservation are different for each restaurant. So glad you got yours!