Best way to get to Uni from MCO?

So, given the current pandemic situation, what’s the best way to get from MCO to Sapphire Falls if I’m avoiding taxis/shuttles? I’m thinking Avis car rental and drop off at the hotel. Am I crazy? It’s not -that- much more than an Uber/Lyft and feels like a more controlled environment. Once we’re there, we won’t be leaving until we head home, so I don’t see any point in paying for parking or additional rental days. Thoughts?

I looked at that cost in February and it was cheaper to rent the car and return it to MCO, even with the parking cost.

I have also booked Happy Limo in the past (MouseSavers discount code) and Uber/Lyft.

I think I would feel comfortable in all with masks, wipes, and windows open at least at the start of the ride.

I have done this, return is easy at the UOR hotels. We were just in Orlando, and opted to rent a car for the whole trip (we were at WDW as well as UOR), so we would not be tempted to use Lyft (used it a lot before Covid). If we were just at UOR though, no need for a car so I would just rent at MCO and return at Sapphire Falls.

This is helpful, and glad to know that I’m not out in left field! I think I’ll pursue this path then. I’m finding some decent rates for one way in October, so it seems to make sense. It’s funny, because this was the one piece of the trip I hadn’t established a comfort level with yet. From what I’ve seen, read, heard from others, etc. I’m pretty comfortable with flying, being in the airport, being in the parks, hotel, etc. I moved from the Endless Summer Resort to Sapphire Falls so that we can take an open air water taxi or walk to the parks. So this was the last piece of the puzzle to figure out to move ahead with the trip. Looking forward to it!

Wow, I’d never think to rent one, and return it the same day! When we do a Disney and Universal trip, we rent a car, but would only have parking fees when we parked at each park (we rent a house). However, whenever we do just Universal, many times in the past few years, we either take a taxi or Lyft to and from the airport.