Best way to get to park from Royal Pacific

Call the hotel direct. They are usually accommodating.


You can try calling ahead with a request, but my sense of their operations is that you should request at check-in time.


This is what I’ve been told and what we do. We usually have success getting the tower we request.


We’re you able to request a specific floor and tower prior to check in?

Yes, although I had my Liner TA, who is a saint, do it and we got what we requested.

The funny thing is that her and I put some effort into finding the rooms with the best location for us and nicest views. Then we kept the curtains closed.


I was able to request the floor ( Tower 1 ) and got the same as requested as well as Room had pool view :slight_smile:

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Old thread, but orlandoinformer has travel times for all the universal hotels and modes of transportation


Are there Standard Views available in all the Towers? It does look like Tower 1 is the best location overall. Good idea to request a lower floor and use the stairs!

To be fair, people were wearing masks when we went, and expecting one person per elevator. OK, that was only that one group that went one person at a time. But even for others it was one group per elevator.