Best way to get to MK from CBR super early for rope drop

Any recommendations on best way to get to the MK from Caribbean SUPER EARLY? We want to be at the front of the pack and don’t trust the buses to get us there that early even if we are waiting for the first bus due to all the stops, etc… I was thinking Uber, but didn’t know where it would drop us off? Front gates or TTC where we’d still have to wait to get on ferry or monorail? Or what about ubering to contemporary and taking the path over? We don’t mind walking but didn’t know if we’d be able to get dropped off at the Contemporary without a reservation there? Any help would be appreciated!


Always bus to MK for earliest arrival. You’ll get rerouted to TTC


You can’t get dropped off there without a reservation and they are pretty strict about that, especially in the morning.

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If it’s after 6/29, you will have Minnie vans as an option :innocent:


Good call! Yay for Minnie Vans!


I had planned to take a Minnie van to MK on my March 2020 Spring break vacation, but never did.

Something unexpected happened. We had to cut our trip short and head back home. Can’t remember what happened that week… what was it…. ?



I can’t recall anything major. Must have been a trifle.


Thanks for the help guys! I figured if you could get dropped off at the Contemporary then everyone would have figured that out my now and it would be chaos… Sorry to keep harassing y’all, but why are Minnie vans a better option than Uber? besides being much cuter? Do they have some type of access that allows them to take you to the front gate where an Uber can’t?

Yes. Minnie vans can drop off by the bus drop-off at the MK, they do not have to drop you at TTC like all the charter buses and rideshares do. They also have special drop-off locations at the other parks, where they are much closer to the entrance, often by the WDW bus drop.


Just putting this out there, we were the absolute first at the tapstyle at MK one trip and on another trip were first into Crystal Palace - using Disney transportation.

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We have had no issues being one of the first at MK using the buses. They start rolling way before opening


thanks so much!
that really helped!

In April we had an 8 am CRT on a day when MK opening was 9 am (so 8:30 early entry). Had no issues using the Disney bus from CBR.

Only issue we had was figuring out how to get to the restaurant entrance when the cast members kept sending us from here to there trying to get past the ropes.