Best way to get to Disney Springs from Pop?

We are currently planning to go to DS for dinner at Morimoto, leaving HS around 9. Reservations are for 10PM, It will be a party of 4 adults. We will have a rental car and will have driven to HS. My question is: what is the best way to get to and from DS? I have heard the traffic is awful… and this will be on a Friday evening as well. Should we:
take the car and park?
take the car back to pop and then take a bus to DS?
take a bus from HS to DS directly, and then come back to HS?
take the car to the TTC and boat or bus to DS from there?

Your only real options are driving to a Pop and taking the bus or driving. Unless you will be drinking I would drive.

You cannot take a bus from DS to HS at the end of the night and boats to DS only come from the PO resorts, OKW or SSR. The boat at TTC goes to MK.

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Thank you!