Best way to get out of MK after HEA

Fine tuning our plans, and your help has been invaluable! One last question: what is the least painful way to get out of MK after HEA – heading back to YC. Thank you all so much!

Patience. :slight_smile:


Oh, that may be tricky at that hour…

In all seriousness, they are pretty efficient about it. They open up a “secret pathway” behind the main street buildings (to the left as you’re exiting) which helps corral people out quickly. But the biggest delay is the wait for the monorail/ferry. But since you are saying at YC, that means the wait will be for the bus instead.

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Would uber/lyft be an option? Or is the bus manageable?

In February, we did one ride after HEA finished and then had no issue at all getting out of MK. There seems to be a mass exodus right after HEA finishes, so if you can hang around for a bit I think it makes a big difference. We did run into a bit of a line for the boat to the TTC, but we still only had to wait for one boat and I’d say we were in line for less than 10 minutes.

I think the bus situation will depend on the day and whether you get lucky with buses showing up for the BC/YC. Depending on what the line looks like, you could always walk to the Contemporary and get a lyft or uber from there?


I can’t speak to either point, since we stay off property. But I would expect that the pricing on Uber/Lyft would be particularly high at that moment since everyone leaving might be fighting over the same pool of drivers! I don’t know, though. Maybe it is fine.

You’ll have better luck if you watch HEA further down Main Street closer to the entrance, but it also means you might not have as good of view. But you’ll get ahead of more of the crowds to exit.

Someone else will have to comment on the buses.

Personally I enjoy just hanging out while other people leave. Enjoy the atmosphere. Maybe do some shopping on Main Street. No rush to leave.


I agree with that. nice time to make some purchases at those shops. Can’t leave with money in the wallet…lol

What’s HEA?

or wait for the “kiss good night” and then leave

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Happily Ever After Fireworks

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No worries there…I think the siphon is already connected.

Looks like MK is open until 10pm the night we’re there. So buses run for a fair amount of time after the park closes?

Buses run for an hour after the park closes.

Ooh good to know the buses are only 1 hour. Trams to the parking lot run 1.5 hours after park close.

I would also recommend, if at all possible, waiting to leave for a while. Go on a ride, chill at a quick serve and play a game, shop. The end of your day will be much more pleasant if you do this.

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In March they also brought in extra busses as the park was closing. We rode back to POP on a tour bus rather than the regular shuttle bus.

With Wishes, I just gave up on watching it and got to the furthest point from the exit as I could (BTMRR or Dumbo’s Circus) and just waited. Especially if the park is open until 10:00 stroll around, maybe fit in a ride or two, and wait for the insanity on MS to clear out.

The “official” word is only an hour, but they’ll keep coming so long as there’s guests.

So the advice to hang out for a bit is solid as there’s no actual rush to get out of the parks.

That said, if you MUST get out asap, once the line “And so our journey comes to an end…” happens, get ready to move. Tinkerbell will fly(weather permitting) around this point and it’s not something you should miss in my opinion, but this is near the end of the show. The line where she flies is, aptly, “you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!” Soon as she does (or if she doesn’t when that “you can fly” crescendo happens) make your way to the Plaza Restaurant as the “details” of the show are pretty much done. From here the castle just changes looks a few times and standard fireworks are going off. Nothing like what has come before it. Once at the Plaza Restaurant, go to the left, which is the “run off” area is and should already be open.

At the mouth of this area, turn back around and finish the show if it’s not done yet. Once it’s done, spin around and head out. You should be able to beat 90% of the crowd by being there. Then hoof it to your bus and you should be one of the first on the bus.


Wow! This is awesome intel! We will definitely keep this option open, along with the hang out a while option. You all are so helpful – thank you!

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